Foot treatments

 Popular treatments include:

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Diagnosis & Maintenance

The foot is thoroughly examined for any existing conditions and treated accordingly.Nails are trimmed and filed and moisturising cream is applied with a relaxing mini foot massage to finish.

Did you know that micro-organisms inside footwear are a major cause of foot infection & odour so why not have your shoes sanitised while you have your treatment?

Specialist Wax Bath

The wax bath treatment is especially beneficial for patients with inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasms,sports injuries and dry cracked skin.  Using aromatherapy waxes that help to calm, moisturise and warm, the foot is dipped into the wax and then into a pair of heated bootees for maximum effect. The wax peels easilyaway and in one piece and your feet feel energised and like new! Also suitable for hands.


Toenail reconstruction

Toenail reconstruction is suitable for patients who have cracked, fungal or disoloured toenails, or for those who have lost a nail completely. The process is fast acting and involves the application of a safe flexible levelling gel called Wilde-Pedique plus, which not only provides an attractive cosmetic result but also treats the nail as it contains an anti-fungal agent.

Medi Pedi

Relaxing foot soak followed with a luxurious spa foot scrub.The feet are then thoroughly examined for any existing conditions and treated accordingly. The nails are trimmed and filed and a luxurious milk and honey cream is applied with a relaxing foot massage to finish.