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  1. Toenail Reconstruction

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    It has been a long cold winter with our feet nicely cossetted in our socks and boots, but now the weather is warming up and once the first flip flop has been spotted I can guarantee that my phone will start to get hot with requests for toe nail treatments.  

    People will start to get their feet out on show from the previous summer, look down in horror and want them to look their best.  I am seeing a lot of fungal nail infections and also toe nail loss due to accidents or trauma to the toes from poorly fitting foot wear to long distance running, where the toes are constantly taking a pounding in trainers.

    A very popular treatment at this time of year is toe nail reconstruction. It is suitable for patients who have cracked, fungal or discoloured toenails, or for those who have lost a nail completely. The process is fast acting and involves the application of a safe flexible levelling gel called Wilde-Pedique plus, which not only provides an attractive cosmetic result but also treats the nail as it contains an anti-fungal agent. The gel nail can be painted over to match the other toe nails and can last on average up to 6 weeks. So this treatment is great if you have a holiday or special occasion coming up and want them to look their best.

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